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“Accessible theatre” means that working in theatre must be accessible too. Young theatre artists are often paid very little, or nothing at all. Fractal intends to combat this industry norm by paying all of our artists and collaborators, even if our company can only afford a small stipend until we get off the ground.

We pledge to keep production and managements costs as low as possible so that all actors, technicians, and administrators can be paid a minimum $100 stipend per show. Moving forward, we intend to raise that minimum with each passing season.

Why Fractal?

Fractal seeks to carve out a necessary, and currently nonexistent, space for students and early career theatre artists in the DC area. Fractal is committed to not only providing imperative opportunities for artistic development, but also providing compensation for every single actor, technician, and artist that works with us. Support the next generation of theatre artists. Help pay an artist for their labor today. 

In addition to providing compensation for al artists employed as part of our productions and staged readings, Fractal provides free devised theatre workshops. These workshops provide education on the devising pedagogy, and allow artists an incubation space for their ideas and new works, and an opportunity to flex their creative muscles in a risk-free, supportive environment.

Funding the Untold Space season

Untold Space speaks to the limitless possibilities inherent to theatre. It explores stories unheard and places unvisited, while grounding us in what is familiar and immediate. The Untold Space season will question the conventions of human relationships, the workings of the mind, and the world beyond.

Increasing Collaborators
We are always in search of new artistic minds to add to our production and administrative teams. Our fundraising will go towards stipends that will allow us to sign on more directors, playwrights, designers, actors and creative consultants for our productions moving forward.

Increasing Stipends
Fractal’s goal is to recognize artists for their work monetarily. As we work towards paying our collaborators a liveable wage, Fractal intends on putting a significant amount of our fundraising towards increasing stipends for all of our collaborators.

Performance Spaces
Performance space rentals are one of the greatest expenses of a young professional theatre company. Fundraising will go towards working in more accessible performance venues.

Thank you to our donors

Founding Donors

Jonas & Kathryn Lamis

Esther Lamis

Kristen Lo


Untold Space Season Donors

JJ Blake

Lynn White Sohn

Jodi and Darren Morton


Tiz Rome

Cate Woodward

Watring Technologies, Inc.

Julia Ford

Diego Salinas

Judy Adair

Gabriel Simerson

Sierra Carlson

Shirley Morton

Stephanie Grim Haley

Kathi Haley Whitbey

Kaitlyn Sapp

Marcus Kyd

Taylor Lamb​


Inaugural Season Donors

Rachel Abraham

JJ Blake

Emily Brolin

Chris Daw

Abby Domine

Michael Dresser

Max Faye

Joan Flaherty

Julia Ford

Lucas Hu

Heidi Jackman

Kristen Lo

Valarie Mcfatter

Jackson Morton

Shirley Morton

William Peters

Meghan Raham

Janet Richardson

Natalie Rine

Rachel Rothberg

Juan Santos

Perry Scalfano

Shelby Strachan

Hannah Ruth Wellons