Fractal Theatre Collective



Outside of the wealthiest spaces in our community, Theatre artists are paid very little, or nothing at all. Fractal combats this industry norm by paying all of our artists and collaborators, even if our company can only afford a small stipend.

We pledge to keep production and managements costs as low as possible so that all actors, technicians, and administrators can be paid a stipend per show. We intend to raise that minimum with each passing season.

Thank you to our donors

Founding Donors

Jonas & Kathryn Lamis

Esther Lamis

Kristen Lo


Untold Space Season Donors

JJ Blake

Lynn White Sohn

Jodi and Darren Morton


Tiz Rome

Cate Woodward

Watring Technologies, Inc.

Julia Ford

Diego Salinas

Judy Adair

Gabriel Simerson

Sierra Carlson

Shirley Morton

Stephanie Grim Haley

Kathi Haley Whitbey

Kaitlyn Sapp

Marcus Kyd

Taylor Lamb​


Inaugural Season Donors

Rachel Abraham

JJ Blake

Emily Brolin

Chris Daw

Abby Domine

Michael Dresser

Max Faye

Joan Flaherty

Julia Ford

Lucas Hu

Heidi Jackman

Kristen Lo

Valarie Mcfatter

Jackson Morton

Shirley Morton

William Peters

Meghan Raham

Janet Richardson

Natalie Rine

Rachel Rothberg

Juan Santos

Perry Scalfano

Shelby Strachan

Hannah Ruth Wellons